Steve Milne

Lessons Clinics and Presentations

I offer riding clinics and lessons

to riders of all ages and skill levels. Dressage, Eventing, Western, Hunter and Jumper, Natural Horsemanship, Current clinics and lessons are in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine and New York.

We are working on clinics in Ireland and California, and would love to include clinics at your venue, or to include you on the emailing list so you may partake. The Dog and Pony show is an introduction to animal behavior we currently present at Covington Collage





Using low resistance training techniques to enhance communication, I break, train, problem-solve and prepare the horse for horse shows, and events.

Using small steps and simple exercises I produce calm, happy, winning horses.

Correct and careful management and training  go hand in hand to safely produce calm, fit, supple, sound, happy horses 


Riding Instructor and Trainer Clinician with national experience riding, teaching, Showing, Eventing, managing, problem solving, course building, farm design and Image development


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Problem Solving

Problems with horses make them, and us, unhappy, less safe and often unable to do whatever we set out to do. For example, a great riding horse that will not load is less fun and has less value than one who will load.

Using low resistance techniques I solve loading, leading, mounting, bridling, clipping,spooking, cinchiness, and other problems. I do not use stud chains, twitches, or harsh techniques.

Farm Design

I design for safety, comfort, usability, and style. The first consideration is the safety of horse and human. That means no slick floors, no exposed wire, no narrow spaces or clutter. Placement of doors, gates, feed rooms, Grooming areas, riding spaces, and other things, makes it easy to use and does not waste your time or the staff’s.

I can sit with you and/or your architect to design a new farm, or I can improve the one you have.

Farm logos, colors, letterhead, coolers, dress sheets and more give your farm its own style and image.

I live teaching and training in Southern California.

I am available to travel to private farms, Public stable who allow outside teachers, at a lovely farm in Rancho Sante fe, and in San Juan Capistrano for lessons training and problem solving