Any number of design projects possibilities are available:

  1. BulletWorking with architects for attractive, horse safe and friendly facilities

  2. Working as project advisor

  3. Planning barn layout - including work spaces, storage, client areas & offices

  4. Arena design,

  5. Art for Buteo Farm logoJump design

  6. shapeimage_1_link_0 Layouts of paddocks and pasture  with safe stylish fencing

  7. Custom Oak Saddle Racks at Cameron Hills farmHorse friendly landscape, 

  8. shapeimage_2_link_0Cross country jumps and courses

  9. shapeimage_2_link_1Finding and training staff

  10. BulletFinding and training horses.

  11. BulletOutfitting - buckets, feeders, hangers, hoses, brushes, stall cleaning equipment etc.

  12. BulletTractors and implements

  13. BulletMaking the best use of small spaces

  14. BulletDesigning logos and letterhead.

Art for Buteo Farm logo
Custom Oak Saddle Racks at Cameron Hills farmAlbums/Pages/Farm_Design.htmlAlbums/Pages/Farm_Design.htmlAlbums/Pages/Farm_Design.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1

Equites Colors and logo on a Warner trunk

Lounge sketch for Falcon Flight