Clinics Lessons and Presentation

Education - Fund Raising - Advertising - Enjoyment - Community

Clinics are first about education, but along the way, a group of people with a lot in common get together at a nice location, learn something and enjoy themselves.

Hosting a clinic gathers a group to have fun at your farm. There is some money to be made.  It’s great advertising, name and brand recognition.

Joining a clinic allows the participant to learn better communication with their horse, solidify what their teachers are saying, learn some new concepts that they can expand with their teacher, and problem solve. The format is adjustable so we can work on; dressage, jumping, cross country, breaking, and problem solving such - as trailer loading, mounting, leading,

balking, spooking and so on.


Individual, semi private or group lessons are available at any one of these venues or at your farm close to theses venues.

      please contact      for prices, entry forms, to be on the emailing list or to host a clinic

Tina Marie Quatroni - Digital artist specializing in pet photography is kind enough to photograph many of the NY and CT clinics. Her work is available for sale